Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just your average Wednesday

{ Hello readers! It's been awhile. How can it be that I haven't had the urge to write since the summer? Tonight's post comes from a note I wrote today to my girlfriends who are training with me for the Paris marathon in April. It'll give you a little update on my current daily life. Mildly entertaining and more than one paragraph - I say yes, post it to the blog! }


Hi girls!

I feel like we've all be on a different page for so long I'd UNITE us tonight via an email from yours truly, the girl in honor of all this crazy running!

As you guys know, I've been hitting the job boards since November, and put in many, many, many applications, hearing either a) nothing back or b) we'll call you if we decide we like the words you wrote about yourself. Today was funny. I applied for a few jobs, 2 that stand out. One at 7-11 (the convenience store), and the other at NASA (the rocket-scientist-to-to-the-moon place). What makes me think I'm qualified to be either a night shift supervisor, or an astronaut, you say?? Hahaha (both were for HR training/learning development positions).

Secondly, I actually got a call today from sending out my resume! It's a staffing company in Austin that needs to develop the regional territory, so it's sales. Small company, does a lot of business with Mexico, woman-owned. Anyway, I wanted to celebrate with you girls the positivity I gleaned from my one phone conversation so far!

In other news of the day.....

Erin fell down! Yes, our running comrade was out for a mere 3-miler and bit the dust! She made it home with only scrapes and bruises, but I could tell by her message there were some tears over the scare. DON'T let this be a crazy running week for anyone else!! Erin, tell us the story and please embellish, a lot.

Today's workout:
Given the state of my stupid iliopsoas whatever (self-diagnosed on the web of course) leg issue, I'm taking it easy and decided to bike today because that doesn't seem to irritate it, and I'll take any sunny day over 50 degrees to get outside. Just an easy 8 miles. Well at about halfway, not only was I freezing cold (can any of you calculate how cold my face actually was riding my bike at 55 degrees and 8 miles an hour?), but I started to get a headache. By about mile 6 I had convinced myself that I was experiencing the start of something serious - the pain was incredibly strong above my left temple, very centralized. I visualized myself with another night of self-diagnosis via web, worrisome thoughts, a bottle of advil at my side (close to the wine bottle), eye mask in place, ice on my leg, with my left shoulder blade covered by a heating pad (yes, another area of trouble). What a sight it would be. Poor me! I was almost home when I reached up to rub my temple, and happened to push my bike helmet around just so - in the process realizing the strap was twisted under the helmet -- the source!! No headache, just bad helmet positioning! Ahy-yiy-yiy! I laughed out loud thinking what a worried hypochondriac I had been the earlier 5 minutes.

Those are my funnies for the day. Anyone else? Love to you all. - A

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